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In my  previous writings I have posted few photos of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot. I have also shown various peaks which surrounds Nanda Devi. These peaks are also called the jewels of Nanda Devi. ( Please read the introduction to Nanda devi and Nanda Kot).
Here I will post  the photographs of the famous peak, TRISHUL. It looks like the Trishul, trident of Lord Siiva from a particular angle.Trishul in its full glory is seen from the place called Kausani, 51 KM from Almora. ( Trishul height is 7120 M)
I will cover separately how to reach these places and this posting will be limited to photographs of Trishul taken from Various places in Kumaon. The view dramatically changes as you travel from east to west keeping the mountains to the North. Amazingly I may suddenly see Lord Ganesh with a cute trunk, some times I may  see a face with beard and Mustache, ....
These photographs were taken during my numerous trips to the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand Province. As I travel during the same time (end November to 1st week of December) of the year, the peaks look the same year after year. Only difference is due to any cloud formation that changes the view dramatically.
Some times I travel end of March, to enjoy the Rhododendron blooming every where (above 6000 ft).
I could only select a few photographs, as it is difficult to frisk and search the whole storage place. :-)
I shall give here photos taken from Kausani tourist bungalow, few taken from a new place which I traveled 1st time and some views from the road as we traveled west to east
I shall post here the sunset and sunrise photos of few years and the mid day..

1. An Old friend posing from the boundary wall (Trishul to the left and Devisthan on the right.)

2. Sunset 1, I think it was taken in Dec 2005 , the peak looks the same year after year except the cloud, that  makes all the difference and the time of the year. 

3.Sunset 2 taken in Dec 1998 

3. Sunset 3 taken in Dec 2005 or 06

4. Mid day the peak is white and no cloud at all, taken in Dec 2006

5. Sunrise-1, on Trishul from Kausani, sun has hit the lower 2 peaks, the main peak in under the shadow of the cloud.

6. Sunrise-2 The sun is further up and peaks are lighting up.

7- Sunrise-3 Shot in another year and look at the cloud !!! Amazing!!

8. Sunrise-4 Same place but differnt year 

9. Sunrise-5  Sunrise shot in 1998, ( see the sunset above for 1998)

See the lighting condition during morning and evening,  it is just amazing. 

View from Sitla ( Shot during Dec 20090
Now we will move to another place to see the same Trishul. Just imagine you have gone further east, ie to the right from Kausani. As you are moving right ( to the east), how will the peak look like?
Lets take a look at Trishul from a village called SItla.  Here Trishul looks bit different as we have moved further towards south east. 

10 Sunrise-1 from SItla, the 1st ray of sun has just hit the peak and the cloud

. 11 Sunrise-2  Sun is little up, peak to the right is Maikitoli 

12 Sunrise -3 , Sun is up now and see the shape of Trishul from here, looks different from Kausani. 

13 Sunrise -4 Great Trishul in the morning

14. It is now well into the morning. If we go more to the right , Trishul will appear like a bearded Sadhu, looking up to the sky. ( Dont have the snaps now) 

View from other places 
15 Trishul , on the way to Baijnath

16. View of the range as we are driving away from Kausani to east. Try to guess which one is Trishul, extreme right is Maiki toli. Small wild oaks are in front.

17. The mighty Trishul often looks like Lord Ganesha to me, from few places

18. Another view , some other year

19. View from Binsar at 8500 feet. Unlike other photos, this was taken during March , when there is more snow on the range and the Rhododendrons are in full bloom.

These are the few Photos I could post. Photos are very deceptive as telephoto lenses are used. Again you enjoy the photos as much as what you see with your naked eyes. 

Now Rhododendron flowers for my friends 

I hope to post more photos of other peaks in the range and then I will shift to few travelogues, mainly on how to reach these places,
These photographs are deliberately kept at low resolution , if you want to print , let me know. I will send higher res one for printing 


prasu said...

wow..................?Ushnish Ji thankyou for these wonderful pics...all of them are amazing...... "if we come to India will u take me and my family show all those beautiful places" husband saw these pics and told to ask u for this.............bye

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Prasu
I have replied to you t your blog.
I am so happy that you liked the Himalayan Photos. Of course it will be my pleasure to take you and family to the Himalyas. Just tell hubby to plan out 4 nights 5 days from Delhi and back to Delhi. Even if I am not here, I will plan it out in great detail, Peaks may not be visible always but the maximum possibility is from mid Oct to Mid Dec. Also if you have any plan to go for a pilgrimage to 4 dhams ( kedarnath, Badrinath etc) I will plan for you.
ALso see the other blogs and photos .
Have a nice day
Have a nice day

Akal's Saappadu said...

wonderful photos of the sunsets & sunrises;

ofcourse it would be more pleasing if I could admire these mountains directly, hum, lucky you!!

Dolly said...

wow, you become speechless looking at these Beauties...(which is rare for a talkative person like me . Also i'm feeling a bit left out that How come I never got to see any of these in person. It must be a really out of this world experience to be there and see for yourself. Excellent pics..thanks for sharing them with us..atleast we know how they look like. Also loved ur post abt it.

Nostalgia said...

Awesome.. I love this blog very very much. It makes me want to travel to this part of the world. Loved all the pictures and I cannot get enough keep posting them. Also, the travelogue to reach here I am quite desperately waiting for it.. Thanks for cueing me on this post..

Sanjana said...

This are SO beautiful. I have never seen such things in real life I these photos really make me wish I had. I hope after my studies I can travel to Trishul and take wonderful pictures as you have :) Where I live, there are beautiful views (I have a post with these coming on my blog soon!) but none are as overwhelming as these. Thank you for sharing such detailed information. I will read and admire this again and again!

Anonymous said...

your photos are breathtaking! i will be are extremely talented.

cyclopseven said...

Namaste Dost

This is one of the most excellent blogs that captured my mind in 2010. The pictures are really wonderful. I have always marvel at the mystery and mystical aspects of Himalayas. Perhaps one day I shall bring my feet to a halt, hope permanently amidst the wondrous Himalaya. Simply superb.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Many thanks for visiting my blog and your appreciation.
Yes , Himalayas is realy great..I never get tired of seeing it and visiting same places year after year.
Will visit your blog soon.
Hvae a nice week

Ghummakar said...

Dear Ushnish,
Good to find you in this forum. N'joyed your photographs as usual.
With Regards,

S. Roy Biswas

Ghummakar said...

Dear Ushnish,
Happy to find you here. N'joyd ur photographs as usual.

With regards,

S. Roy Biswas

Life is beautiful!!! said...

Wonderful photos. I donno whether I will get a chance to visit himalayas but I am enjoying the beuty of it thru ur camera lens. Love it. Will browse thru when I have time. You are very humble to say u have some pics in this blog...gr8 pics :)

varsha said...

I absolutely love these photos.Especially the Dog against the Himalayas!!

Arti said...

These are beautiful, absolutely beautiful pics...
A sudden trip to Badrinath and Gangotri is on the cards! My dad got the tickets in tatkal to delhi...Lets see when I will be able to post about it as I already have my previous trips lined up:p