Friday, November 6, 2009


I have been planning to upload some photos of great peaks in Nanda Devi range. I had mentioned names of some of the peaks in my Blog on Nanda Devi.
Here is another beautiful peak Nanda Kot. You cant miss it while travelling in Kumaon. The chisel edged flat face peak is so prominent from all places!! Unlike Nanda Devi, which is very difficult to see from most places, Nanda Kot is always visible form all the places.
Before proceeding further let me introduce the peaks around Nanda Devi. When you travel in the Hills, no one including locals can tell you the names, simply because they never  bothered to know.
The picture below shows the peaks and the names. Click to enlarge

The picture below is taken from Choukari and you see this view from the tourist lodge all day. Note the chisel edge characterstics of Nanda Kot 

The pictures are arranged as the sun moves up from the horizon.
1. Before sunrise, the sun is still below the horizon, the tourist lodge lights are on. Nanda Devi twin peaks are to the left and Chisel edged Nanda Kot to the right.

2. the first rays on the peak.

3. Sun spreads

4. Now the lesser mountains have received sun, the lonely Oak tree is also glowing in early morning sun.

5. A  zoomed up shot

6, 7, 8


9. photo was taken a day earlier, when there was no bright sunshine

10. Evening is setting in

11. The crimson color is developing

12. This photo was taken some times in 2005 , when cloud started building up.

The peak looks different as you travel away from Choukari towards west. But it maintains its chisel edge. These are few samples, shot far away from Choukari.

This photo was shot from Kausani, quite far away and with 500 mm zoom. The peak came out of the cloud for seconds only.The peak infront of Nanda Kot is Nanda Bhanar ( to be confirmed from authentic source)


As explained under Nanda devi, close ups are quite deceptive, they look good in photo, or through telescope. You wont see this without optical support.




Nostalgia said...

OH my goodness! What a wonderful treat I am having this morning. Thankyou very much for sharing these photos in this beautiful order, I felt I was there.

sangeeta said...

thanks for sharing this treasure...
the crimson light on nanda kot looks like molten gold.....

how much i want to be there..

Gulmohar said...

Oh my...what a treat to the eyes...Oh Ushnish you do not know how jealous I am

Sharmila said...

Beautiful snaps!
I had seen some faraway snow clad mountain peaks from Dalhousie & Dharamshala ( I remember there were 5 of them too ) ... but never got to know the names ... inspite of our friend being a local of those places. I guess you are right .. they never bothered to know. :-)
I really wish I knew the names.
I really liked the way you have clicked the snaps capturing the light at different times of the day. :-)

Akal's Saappadu said...

amazing pictures, I should say the risk (small red dots) is worth :)

Viki's Kitchen said...

OMG! what a view! Thanks for publishing these snaps. Quenching my thirst in the snow clad mountains of Himalaya....superb article.

Amrita said...

All your pictures are what can be called the "Calender Material"!!
Amazing, to say the least!!!