Friday, June 4, 2010


Nuakuchia-Tal ( Nine-corner lake ) is a beautiful lake in the foot Hills of Himalayas. Tourists normally go to Naini Tal and make day trips to the near by lakes such as Bhim Tal, Sat (7) Tals, Naukuchia tal.
We decided to go th Naukuchia Tal for few days, on an invitation from my daughter's in-laws, who have a beautiful summer cottage, high on the Hill and over looking the lake.
People who love to relax and far from the madding crowd, they normally go to this place. It has few hotels, resorts and Govt tourist lodges.
The place is about 300 KM from Delhi and normally a drive of 6 hrs. It is located at 4000 ft .The climate is neither too hot nor too cold , all round the year.
The whole  lake is not visible from any given point . So there is a saying if some one sees all the 9 corners from one place he will die or some people say his/her wishes will be fulfilled. I believe the second belief.
So I opened the google map , saw the lake and made a wish for all of you. It will be fulfilled, just wait and see. I could not figure out 9 corners on the map, but it is there , see if you can find them, from the picture below.
I am posting few photos below, shot from my " Khadus" Camera Canon SX1 IS. This camera has a 20X optical zoom. So the photos are very deceptive vis-a-vis what you see with your eyes.

The NaukuchiaTal as seen in Google map.
Views of lake and resorts 
A closer view of the resort above, shot with High Zoom
Boat ride is great. The water is not as polluted as Nainital
The lake seen from the place where I stayed
The pump house on the other side of the lake
Ducks crossing the lake 
Take a boat from here, and explore the lake.
You never get tired of a boat ride
The beautiful house where I stayed.
The lake view was awesome from here
And the stiff private drive-way to the house up in the Hill
Some sort of fruit, need to find out the name 
An wild flower, guess how big it is. It is just about 6-8 mm
The hydrangia, you can make the flower pink and blue , by making one side of the soil acidic and the other basic.
The Geranium, my favorite 
Some other flower, need to know the name 
Wild fruit
The place is good for bird watching. I forgot to carry my bird book. It is really a treat to see the birds , the blue magpie, the paradise fly-catcher, the white eyed and many other colorful birds.
I am posting here few photos. My cameras are not suitable for bird photography. So the result is not good . But have some idea.
The white eyed. A very tiny bird.
The Blue bird, very beautiful, yet to find the name, it is very common in the area and a very small bird.
SOMEONE'S NO-ONE ( at 6000 ft , high on a hill was a lonely goat-herd)

Have a nice weekend and see you at food-court..soon